WILL finish l8r

I have a girlfriend. Anyone who knows me well knows it, because I talk about her all the time. I am very proud and happy that the most beautiful, sweetest, most caring person on earth is my girlfriend. It leaves me in awe to think of the fact that we’re together. Against all odds, I have found someone who is the most perfect person for me; who I love so much

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A friend linked me to this pic, I think it’s hilarious:


It makes me so angry to think of how so many white people think that America is ‘their’ country. What makes it so? We were “here first” ?? Ask the Native Americans how true that is. Europeans came over to someone else’s home and effectively wiped them out so that we could stake claim to the place. Does this not make anyone else sick? We want to push mexicans out; many white people would love to ship all black people back to Africa. What gives them the right?

I know my rampage against an entire race is uncalled for – certainly most white people (hopefully) don’t feel this way. But I have encountered so many who do.. it’s so sad.

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Demi Lovato on Grey’s Anatomy tomorrow

This mixes 2 of my favorite things: my inappropriate crush on the hot-but-underaged Demi Lovato, & my favorite TV show. EXCITE.

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First post

Man, I really hope I stick with this. Blogging is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while… my problem is lack of attention span (not to mention not a whole lot of things to talk about.. lolol).

Alright, we shall see.

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